About Us

The Massachusetts Network of Women Leaders in Higher Education (MNNWL) is affiliated with the American Council on Education’s Inclusive Excellence Group, (formerly the Office on Women) and the American Council on Education’s Women’s Network.

Dedicated to supporting women in all areas of higher education, the Massachusetts Network represents women who hold — or aspire to hold— leadership positions in higher education. We help women develop the skills and talents needed to become the visionary leaders of tomorrow. Our Network provides opportunities for professional development, networking, mentoring, advocacy, and support for women in higher education institutions within Massachusetts. MNNWL joins other organizations to foster an educational, social, and political environment in which women in all their diversity and richness gain a greater voice.

Our Network seeks to address needs and issues relating to advancing women’s leadership in higher education through a commitment to the following IDEALS:

IDENTIFY women leaders.
DEVELOP their leadership abilities.
ENCOURAGE the use of those abilities.
ADVANCE women’s careers.
LINK them to other women and mentors.
SUPPORT women in mid- and executive-level positions throughout their careers.


You are a member of MNNWL if you support, participate in and/or contribute to MNNWL activities. There are no membership dues.

Your membership gives you access to:

  • Network with higher education professionals in the state and region
  • Participate in a variety of development training workshops for your personal and professional growth
  • Communicate with your counterparts at other Massachusetts institutions
  • Attend annual activities and events and to learn about current issues and trends facing higher education
  • Identify a mentor or become a mentor to another

Be a part of a dynamic group of individuals who support the advancement of women – Get involved in MNNWL!