Founded in 1918, ACE’s mission is to unite all of American higher education in service to students and society. Counted among its members are more than 1,800 accredited degree-granting colleges and universities and higher education-related associations, organizations, and corporations. ACE maintains both a domestic and an international agenda and, working with others, seeks to advance the interests and goals of higher and adult education in a changing environment. ACE provides leadership and advocacy on important issues to colleges and universities, enabling its members to speak to policy makers and the public with one clear voice.

Since 1973, the Office of Women in Higher Education (OWHE) has been committed to the advancement of women leaders in higher education. With a grant from the Carnegie Corporation in 1977, ACE’s Office of Women in Higher Education (OWHE) started the ACE National Identification Program, which is now the ACE Network. Through the National Identification Program, OWHE aimed to address the needs of women and the issues relating to women’s leadership in higher education. OWHE identified these needs and issues during its early years, through meetings with women faculty and administrators throughout the United States. This mission is still relevant today, and networks across the nation continue to support it. For more than 25 years, OWHE has provided information and counsel to constituencies within the higher education community regarding policies, issues, education, and research that influence women’s equity, diversity, and advancement.

In 2012, The ACE Women’s Network was established within the Inclusive Excellence Group of ACE. The ACE Network is a national system of networks within each state, Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia. Each state network is led by state coordinator and Board which works to develop programs that identify, develop, encourage, advance, link, and support women in higher education careers within that state.

The Massachusetts ACE National Network of Women Leaders (MNNWL) is proud of our history and our ongoing initiatives to promote women leaders in higher education!