Institutional Representatives

Institutional Representatives

The Institutional Representative (IR) is a key point of contact between Massachusetts’ colleges and university and the Executive Board of the MA ACE Network.  Each IR serves as an advocate for the interests of women’s leadership development and advancement in higher education at her institution and as a conduit for communication to shape and advance the strategic goals of the MA ACE Women’s Network.

Selection as an IR can be in recognition of the significant role one has played in the institution’s identification and development of women’s leadership issues on her campus, and/or an affirmation of one’s ability to serve as an ambassador for the college/university to connect and collaborate with other women leaders in Massachusetts.  Typically, IR’s are selected by the president of provost of an institution.

Institutional Representatives not only play a key role in connecting the MA Network to our campus colleagues but can also be involved in connecting to the national ACE Women’s Network and the Moving the Needle agenda.

Responsibilities include:

Sharing information: with women leaders on campus regarding the activities of MA ACE Women’s Network.  Examples of ways to share:

  • Share news of MA ACE events (usually four per year) and encourage participation with colleagues on your campus.
  • Share ideas with the Network about workshops, events, speakers, and programs to support the professional advancement of women.
  • Post links to trends in higher education and other relevant topics, stimulating discussion and debate, and helping to keep dialogue going to support the advancement of women as higher education leaders.  Post on the MA ACE Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts.

Participating in programming:

  • Attend events, bring colleagues – the network grows through the involvement of IR’s.
  • Help to shape the annual events – volunteer to work on an event or subgroup.

Mentoring and sponsoring others:

  • Establish contact with women in key leadership roles on campus in both academics and administration.
  • Urge women on campus to apply for vacancies on your campus and at other institutions of higher education.
  • Organize support groups, meetings, mentoring models to help institutionalize professional development.

For more information on Institutional Representatives, please contact Lisa Ijiri at