The American Council on Education (ACE) Women’s Network facilitates the networking of women interested in pursuing leadership opportunities in higher education. A 4-part structure including the Network Executive Council; independent, state-based networks with state coordinators; presidential sponsors; and institutional representatives — facilitates these connections, allows for sharing of best practices, particularly at the State Coordinators Annual Conference, and enables local leadership training by the state networks. The core principles of the ACE Women’s Network (IDEALS) are:


The mission of the Massachusetts Network of Women Leaders in Higher Education is to improve higher education in Massachusetts by promoting women’s leadership and participation. We seek to identify, support and advance women in all segments of Massachusetts higher education and to promote diversity of women and their contributions in Massachusetts higher education.

To fulfill our mission, we support networking for career opportunities and professional growth for women in higher education and its associated organizations, and collaborate with others who promote the advancement of women in higher education at the local, regional, and national levels.

The Massachusetts ACE Women’s Network is led by a quartet of four women who represent different types of higher education institutions and who have taken varied pathways to their positions of leadership within their institutions. The Board is led by Jennifer Aradhya, Kim Godsoe, Lisa Ijiri and Debra Leahy. Together, they bring diverse perspectives and expertise and work with a Board that, itself, mirrors women in higher education leadership in the state. The Massachusetts Network is in the process of implementing a strategic plan focused on cultivating women for efficacy and leadership across the higher education hierarchy; supporting women in transition at all levels; and communicating opportunities for advancement and professional development in the state.

We encourage you to become involved with the network. As we build a network of Institutional Representatives, there are opportunities to become engaged in ways that can suit your schedule and no matter whether you are an early-,  mid-career, veteran, or retired professional. We also welcome the support of male allies to help create an environment that is inclusive, that promotes diversity, and that is relevant for the 21st century.

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